We hit the market
basically as partners,

to develop and commission control and supervision systems. We can develop and design from the beginning and we can focus on specific task of it such as software implementation, hardware delivery, service engineering.


We generally work in any type of plant, but during ten years of projects we now have a good experience in some particular factory type, where we can be considered specialist and can add our experience in the discussion of the logic plant control. That’s why we focus on Oil and Gas industry sector. The key to the development of a safety system is a good engineering, design and programming with a solid foundation. Key Solution develops applications and documents in accordance with IEC 61508, IEC 61511, NPFA and NORSOK. The quality of our jobs is certified by TUV SUD. In all phases we take responsibility of maintaining high standards and providing the partners assistance, updated documentation, compliance to the guidelines and standards.


The Engineering phase plays a key role in the success of a plant. The experience gained in the past years gave us confidence in the lesson learn and a special focus on the final users.Engineering, design and programming are the solid foundations of our work, flexibility and reliability are our excellence and strength.Key Solution develops applications and documents in accordance with IEC 61508, IEC 61511, NPFA and NORSOK. The quality of our jobs is certified by TUV.As a further improvement and to satisfy several customers that require support for a ‘NORSOK compliant’ solution in the delivery projects Key Solution has introduced Norsok compliant Function blocks and SCD as engineering tool called KS Standard Libraries.Key Solution Srl provides reliable Software solutions compliant to the relevant regulations and standards for Safety Automation Systems.


Key Solution Srl handles the entire lifecycle of the automation software: developing, testing, commissioning and tuning. We take care of a wide range of applications and platforms starting from Programmable Logic Controllers to Motion Control and Supervisory Data Acquisition (SCADA).We focus on stability and innovation, working with several Safety Integrated System such as ABB 800xA, Schneider, Invensys Triconex and Foxboro products, Allen Bradley, Siemens, Telemecanique, Panasonic, etc…


Commissioning is a key process to make a plant work as expected. As soon as it is mechanically completed every single system need to be put in service and become part of the main process.It is a process of quality, of continuous control and methodic work: it requires to have the knowledge, experience and Technical expertise to involve all the departments and make it work.We are experts in Safety Standards and controls, taking care of all the relevant documentation and design specifications.In our experience, we have clear in mind that the handover process is really a sensitive and strategic phase, most of the time underestimated. That is why we work always looking for the final users, operators and supervisors: we have the skills required to be in the land where commissioning and operation have to work together with respect and accountability.


When a project moves from commissioning to operation there are usually a lot of issues. We deal with all of them providing solid knowledge and experience, training operators and technicians toward the confidence required to handle the situations.We provide training, manuals and assistance to simulations to support the core crew in handling emergency situations, black restarts, Emergency Shutdown tests, F&G maintenance.


The Key Solution Service department is responsible for service work on all the plants, offshore and onshore, on-demand service jobs and short service projects.A project does not end after commissioning, when all systems are operating correctly but with dedicated service & maintenance, we ensure maximum continuity of operations for the delivered systems.The work involves installing new systems, process logic modifications, modifications from Alarm Monitoring Systems to Power Management and the installation and commissioning of an Integrated Operation System.We focus on the Condition monitoring system to make it available and easily usable for maintenance purposes: correct alarms indication, automatic scheduling, integrated with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.



Key Solution Srl provides reliable Software solutions compliant to the relevant regulations and standards for Safety Automation Systems.The KS Standard Libraries is based on several standards, also the NORSOK-SCD I- 005 and NORSOK-SAS I-002 standard. Our libraries apply to different PLC/DCS and SCADA systems and will be customized according to end user requirements. The function blocks within KS Standard Libraries are originally based on IEC-61131 guidelines.Our experience during the years pushed us to introduce SCD (System Control Diagram) as an engineering and development tool to provide a solid and well-documented standardization, code traceability and efficient means of communication between the involved parties, during all phases of a project.It’s the control system engineer’s task to design the control system so as to fulfill the process functionality required to achieve product specifications as well as the requirements imposed by the overall operating & control philosophy and manning levels. To conserve the functional relationships implicitly specified by the P&IDs, the control system engineers have to transform the process engineers imagination of plant behavior into the control system design and implementation.The SCD combines all functional design requirements into a common unambiguous document and represents a top-down approach to the design of the system.

In this way at Key Solution The automation functions are represented by a limited number of high-level function templates. Each template represents a specific control philosophy selected for a class of objects. The control philosophy is defined/limited by a general range of attributes made available for the specific application. The application level is defined by using the applicable attributes.

Key Solution way of developing the automation software make sure that the control function templates are Hardware independent. Functional monitoring and control solutions may be reused from one plant development to the other, even if different control systems are used to implement the functions.Because the SCDs can be developed in parallel with the P&IDs, the introduction of the SCD approach facilitate a parallel development of both the physical and functional relationships visualized on dedicated documents. The approach encourages team work between different disciplines during the process development phases and the traditional artificial split between the development of physical and functional relationships may be eliminated. Thus enhanced overall quality is achievable.


In order to enable the core crew to operate and maintain their systems in a correct way, an extensive practically-oriented training program can be provided.We offer our training program to both operators and maintenance supervisors in their specific department. The Automation System the Plant Information Management system and 3rd party systems are the tools we train for. Front lectures, simulations and practice are the way we unite technical and educational skills at high level.


The Key Solution commissioning team is top notch engineers team that will coordinate and execute the commissioning of the electrical and automation systems to finally deliver a proper functioning and reliable plant complying with the requirements of the contract in terms of performance, costs, time, quality and customer satisfaction.

Our services and experience can be on tap:

  • in the engineering stage, providing ad hoc solutions in the design, helping to choose the right application for the desired results
  • in the commissioning stage, performing high-quality loop checks, logic checks, Safety Requirements Specification compliance, clear and updated engineering documentation
  • in the start-up and operation phase, tuning the process control loops, designing new UI in support to operators, providing training to operators and system owners, planning and providing manuals for the preventive and corrective maintenance on the safety and control system.


As Certified Quality Inspectors, in support of and under the direction of quality engineers, supervisors, or technicians, we can use the proven techniques to verify accuracy and precision of measurements, identify and recognize inspection errors, initiate resolutions of them, verify calibrations and identify and report non-conformities. Under professional direction, our inspectors evaluate hardware documentation, perform laboratory procedures, inspect products, measure process performance, record data and prepare formal reports.


Inspection & Expediting activities, daily or resident, are arranged by our Customers or their Suppliers to control products, workmanship or documentation based on purchase orders, technical specifications, and project milestones. Key Solution provides its certified and qualified inspectors with qualitative control of the several stages of the production process, from raw material control to production of the documentation required for the delivery of the items for shipment.

Expediting visits support quality in a kind of different way. The Expediter has the task of verifying the state of progress of jobs in a specific order compared to the actual developments made by the supplier. With scheduled visits at the various shops, it is able to give concreteness to the timeline defined in the purchase order by bringing proactive solutions to unexpected issues that can modify the estimated deliveries.

INSPECTION & EXPEDITING, when used with method and organization,  are important control tools made available by Key Solution, which allows product and vendor monitoring.