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We provide services
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in the field of industrial automation. We pull together the Quality of Deliverables with cost efficiency and time optimization. Proven experience record in the past provide us a Hardcore Troubleshooters mindset and always make us on the side of the resolution, never on the problem.

Who we are

The same mindset push the company to Endless pursuit to Improve looking forward New challenges, demanding but stimulating.Our specialization is in the field of Oil & Gas where we have a proven track record of successful experience. Since we started as field service engineer we know how to deal with all the phases of the projects: it doesn’t matter if the support to be given to Commissioning is the beginning or the completion phase. We have always satisfied our customers, in many cases facing heavy challenges due to delays of the projects that required us to fix issues.

We generally work in any type of plant, but during ten years of projects we now have a good experience in a specific industrial sector, where we can be considered specialist and can add our experience in the discussion of the logic plant control. That’s why we focus on Oil and Gas industry.

We hit the market to develop and commission control and supervision systems. We can develop and design from the beginning and we can focus on specific task of it such as software implementation, hardware delivery, service engineering.


What we do

The key to the development of a safety system is a good engineering, design and programming with a solid foundation. We know this very well, and we also know that taking over on a delayed project or on a troublesome situation it is very hard to every Company.


How we work

As a Company working in the Automation and  Information Technology sector Key Solution Srl is always following the quality process based approach cycle Plan, Do, Check and Act. We are certified ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001.