NI introduces LabVIEW NXG 1.0 system design software

NI,  the provider of platform-based systems designed to enable engineers and scientists to solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges, announced LabVIEW NXG 1.0, the first release of the next generation of LabVIEW engineering system design software. LabVIEW NXG bridges the gap between configuration-based software and custom programming languages with a new approach to measurement automation that empowers domain experts to focus on what matters most – the problem, not the tool.

24 May 2017

from studioup, on Software

The 1.0 release of LabVIEW NXG is intended to help engineers performing benchtop measurements increase their productivity with nonprogramming workflows to acquire and iteratively analyze measurement data. For instance, engineers can drag and drop a section of code equivalent to 50 lines of text-based code. This is just one of the many ways LabVIEW NXG helps engineers focus on innovation rather than implementation.

LabVIEW NXG introduces a re-engineered editor with functionality that experienced LabVIEW users often request. The refreshed editor extends the openness of LabVIEW to integrate with a broader set of languages. The modernized editor is intended to improve programming productivity by streamlining the editor micro-interactions, user interface objects based on vector graphics and zooming capabilities.

New capabilities in LabVIEW 2017 target the development, deployment and management of large, complex and distributed test and embedded applications. These include features that enhance interoperability with standard IP and standard communications protocols such as IEC 61131-3, OPC UA and the secure DDS messaging standard.

About NI

NI ( empowers engineers and scientists with a software-centric platform that incorporates modular hardware and an expansive ecosystem. This approach puts users in control of defining what they need to accelerate their system design within test, measurement and control.