Discovered in 1957 the field is situated close to the coast of the Caspian Sea approximately 50 km north of the city of Aktau in the Mangystau Oblast, Western Kazakhstan.



Maersk Oil acquired 60% interest and operatorship of the Dunga field with
partners Partex Corporation (20%) and Oman Oil Company Limited (20%) in 2002. Since then Maersk Oil has gradually increased average daily oil production from the field from 1,300 bpd in 2002 to around 13,000 through production optimization and field development activities including drilling of new wells and expansion of processing and storing facilities.
The Dunga field is currently producing 7,000 bpd. We have been called to implement the new separator to increase the production rate and refine water separation (reinjected) and gas treatment.
All the activities were supposed to be completed without stopping production routines and performance standards. Due to delays in the documentation design and in construction activities we had to both make it work and then roll back to the previous design.
Later on during a scheduled maintenance shutdown we have completed and tested the new
separator train configuration with a complete revision of the construction, design implementation and documentation.

Key Solution has been called to complete the integration of the old plant control system with
a new ICSS, Allen Bradley, including all the Process factors and all the safety Functions of
ESD/PSD system and Fire And Gas system. For this purpose Key Solution integrates a new
Separator skid including all the new safety system related functions.

Activities Performed
Implementation of the new 2nd Stage Separator V-302
Support in the design specification
Software changes management and documentation
Complete review of C&E matrix to align the actual status of the field and the software
Installed and implemented in the ICSS new gas points, emergency push buttons and included in the Supervision system.
Supported the yearly maintenance stop of the Plant and related restart activities
New HMI pages, with interlocks, process details and links
Implementation of double possible process configuration with or without the new separator
New pump skid to support flow rate among the skids.