The biggest oil field in Italy

Key Solution for ENI Group 

January 2017 - December 2017

Centro Olio Val D’Agri (from now on COVA) is the key oil plant of ENI Italy. Eni’s Southern District (DIME), established in 2008, is the head of all exploration and oil and natural gas exploration and production activities in Basilicata and Puglia, coordinating activities in Calabria, and is responsible for the development of new sea-going development projects in Sicily . The District headquarter is in  Viggiano.

Operational activities are focused in the development of the Val d’Agri field, today the largest onshore oil field in Western Europe.

The crude oil extracted from the wells is conveyed to the Val d’Agri Oil Center by about 100 km of diameters. All the collection network pipes are buried and subdivided into sections that ensure a high degree of network security. After treatment within the COVA the following are obtained:

Crude oil stored in special tanks and then transferred by pipeline to the Raffineria eni of Taranto for subsequent processing;

Natural gas (methane), desulphurized, dehydrated and suitably conditioned, introduced by a compression station in the COVA in the national distribution network Snam Rete Gas;

Layer water, treated inside the COVA in order to eliminate the residues of hydrocarbons and gas and then, by means of a dedicated inlet conduit, sent to the inlet shaft Costa Molina 2. Here it is reinjected into the reservoir from which it had been Initially extracted with oil and gas.

Activities performed by Key Solution in COVA:

  • Verify the integrity of the Safety Automated System, of the Control System as a structure and as a process.
  • Survey in all Equipment Room to verify status of all Control Cabinets
  • Extraction of all Controller’s Log
  • Complete revision of C&E matrix against the actual logic to provide state of art and discrepancies
  • Analysis of the Control System Topology
  • Analysis and health check of the Servers: performance, maintenance schedules, upgrades
  • Performance test of Control System Clients
  • Verify License status and optimizations
  • Extraction and quality check of Controller’s Log for the Safety controllers
  • Extraction and quality check of Controller’s Log for the Process Control controllers
  • Full-scale analysis and performance test on safety and non-safety communication network
  • Alarm Analysis, special focus on the Top 10 Alarms, priority distribution, segregation between process alarms and system alarms
  • Diagnostic of all serial communication protocols, analysis of package loss and performance
  • Provided suggestions, modifications and improvement with special focus on the LP flare V230-FD-004



Matteo Bacchini, Vice president TA , ENI Spa

Maurizio Fumagalli, Instrumentation and Automation Technologies Manager at Eni

Vito Trimarco, Upstream and Technical Services Electronic Engineer ENI Spa